Fishing in South Lake Tahoe

Fishing in South Lake Tahoe

Bring forth your rods and reels, fishing in South Lake Tahoe is among the finest Northern California has to offer. Whether you’re a bass angler searching to troll through the myriad of lakes surrounding South Lake Tahoe, a stream mercenary in search of that “perfect spot” or a greenie looking to earn your stripes, we’ve got the water, and it has the fish.

For family friendly fishing fun, bring the kids to the Trout Farm in South Lake Tahoe to get the young ones hooked. Yes, we said hooked. We know it’s ironic and cliche. We don’t care. It’s fishing!

For more intermediate to advanced challenges, explore the surrounding fishing areas in the Tahoe Basin towards Kirkwood and the Carson Highway, or get up Highway 89 and turn off road to find some great locations at Echo Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake and countless others.

The city of South Lake Tahoe is filled with oustanding pro shops for all your angling needs, and the fly fishing community up here has been thriving for decades. Don’t forget to pick up your license, as game wardens are quick to cite violators in the area. You can pick up your license at any sporting goods store, and even at grocery stores in the area as well. Check with for excellent fishing expedition ideas as well as reports on where they’re biting, what they’re biting, and (on rare occasions) who they’re biting.

Tahoe Trout Farm →  October 6, 2009

Whether you're looking for a way to introduce your kids to fishing or want a different kind of date night, head on out the Tahoe Trout Farm. Located in South Lake Tahoe, it's an easy drive over from your hotel, and it's a pretty cheap day out! Open in the summer months, May through September, this is a great way to go fishing without "roughing it." And, on no other river in the area can you get your rod, reel and bait provided for you. Admission is free, but plan to spend money on the fish you catch and a license for everyone over 16. There's no limit on the number of fish that you catch, and they'll even package and put your fish on ice for free.

Sawmill Pond →  August 21, 2009

This bring your own gear fishing hole welcomes kids 14 and under. It’s a great spot for kids and it’s free. Flip to the end of the photo gallery above to see posted fishing regulations and other signage at the pond.

→  August 21, 2009

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→  August 21, 2009

Fishing season in Lake Tahoe is year round, although fishing is closed within 300 feet of tributaries and upstream October 1st to June 30th, besides that the entire lake is open for fishing year round. Your also not allowed to use live bait other than worms unless you acquired it from the Lake, we don’t […]

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