The story so far…

As cliche and cheesy as it sounds, South Lake Tahoe has it all. The great outdoors, good food, nightlife, and passionate people. aims to bring the most comprehensive media outlet for South Lake Tahoe. This area deserves more than just tacky tourist sites, inaccurate brochures and the international word-of-mouth publicity. We here at are catering to everyone. Locals and vacationers alike. We are here to give South Lake Tahoe the internet presence it deserves, by staying culturally relevant, connecting with the community, and reaching out to visitors. This place does so much for so many different kinds of people, from all walks of life. is here to enhance their experience, and to accompany them through all of their successes and memories.

The Story So Far:

Ryan Humenick, president and CEO of Chill Out, Inc. thought he was dying in September of 2008. His heart was constantly racing and he was undergoing tests for heart murmurs. Taking some time off, Humenick ventured away from the strenuous schedules of each day and, being an El Dorado County Resident for the past 22 years, Tahoe was always his escape.

After spending a day calming his mind in Tahoe, Humenick returned home  that night. But something happened to Ryan the next day on his way to the doctors office. A brilliant feeling of calm and a sensation of life entered his body, and Humenick felt much better. He decided to purchase Some say it was on a whim, but Lake Tahoe captured Humenick. Some even say it saved him.
As it turns out, Humenick – a web entrepreneur and venture capitalist – was simply drinking too much coffee, and was perfectly healthy.

So in September of 2008 Chill Out, Inc. acquired

Chill Out, Inc. President and CEO Ryan Humenick has been making his living off of the web since the age of 18. Around the age of 23 he began to expand his reach into venture capitalism, and has continued with different web development projects.

Humenick has lived in the El Dorado County for 22 years. Occasionally leaving for 3-9 months for projects in San Diego, San Jose, and London.

In 2007, Humenick met Devon Chulick, in London England. It turned out they both grew up in the same home town. Small world right? The two hit it off and worked on several projects together.

Chulick is a freelance consultant out of San Francisco, helps develop new businesses and create success architecture, while also working closely in the advertising industry.

In February of 2009 Humenick began talking with Chulick about

It wasn’t until mid July that Chulick and Humenick made plans to focus all their energy on Both having just completed separate projects decided to head to South Lake and set up shop.
Knowing three heads are better than two, Humenick and Chulick approached Brandon Anicich about joining the team.

Anicich, who grew up Placerville, California – less than an hour from South Lake Tahoe – had written content and reported for newspapers, magazines, entertainers and producers, private companies and various online websites and publications. His abilities and achievements were exactly what Humenick had in mind for a content editor and leading contributor. After being approached for the position, Anicich agreed to meet and on one fateful night over a couple drinks at the three fellows’ most frequented bar, Anicich commited to the vision of, feeling that working in South Lake Tahoe was an opportunity he couldn’t possibly pass up.

August 5th marked the day the three like-minded individuals set up shop in South Lake Tahoe, began to develop an infrastructure, recruit teams, and essentially till the land to allow the seeds of to sprout and grow.

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