Lakeside Beach and Marina

August 21st, 200910:00 am by

Lakeside Beach and Marina
Now this sin’t a public beach, but not quite private either. If you live in the immediate area or staying near Lakeside beach then you have access. Plenty of Hotels, Motels, and close to the casino’s are situated near the beach giving visitors access to the beach. The beach boats one of the most impressive playgrounds I have ever seen, with an ode to old-school with a giant metal slide. You can rent paddle boats and kayaks for some fun in the water, and after working up an appetite you can grab a bite at the Lakeside Beach Grill. If your looking for more of a thrill rent a speedo and jet around the lake. Wear shoe’s though, the sand is pretty rough and coarse.

  • Dogs aren’t allowed
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Marina
  • Water Skiing
  • Boat & Trailer Storage
  • Sea Doo (Jet Ski) Rentals
  • Boat Moorings
  • Jet Ski or Beach Boat Storage