Biking in South Lake Tahoe

Biking in South Lake Tahoe

Lance Armstrong could not make it to the 20th Annual American Century Championship at Edgewood this last July. Though his LiveStrong Organization was the official charity of the event, Mr. Armstrong was unable to make it because of his return to the Tour de France.

All that we took from that piece of news was that the Tour de France was the only thing on Earth that could keep Lance Armstrong from coming to Tahoe! Pretty solid argument right? We thought so. And why not! South Lake Tahoe offers some of the greatest biking trails known to man! Give us a helmet and a set of handlebars, and we are happier than ever to hit the trail.

There are those of you who are true expert bikers, and we salute you for all you can do. It’s great to see you maximizing all that these trails give to those who brave them. See, the biking trails around South Lake Tahoe are so expansive and complex that there is a trail for any kind of biker. Heck, a lot of us get to work on our bikes! It’s a part of the community, and a huge part of what experiencing Tahoe is about. So get yourself a bike and get to seeing Tahoe in a new perspective.

Chinese Downhill →  October 23, 2009

From Stateline, ascend Kingsbury Grade (Route 207) until you intersect with North Benjamin Drive. Turn left onto North Benjamin Drive and continue on pavement, as North Benjamin turns into Andria Drive and finally, Genoa Peak Road. At the road’s end, look for Castle Rock Trailhead on your left, marked by a green entrance gate, and shortly after on the same side, the Tahoe Rim Trailhead. Park here, and take either trailhead (although the Tahoe Rim Trail is shorter, only 0.6 miles compared to 1.4 miles of Castle Rock) to link up with Chinese Downhill.

Wanna Ride – Tahoe Bike Shuttle & Tours →  October 22, 2009

Wanna Ride – Tahoe Bike Shuttle & Tours provides point to point shuttle service for mountain bike riders throughout the South Lake Tahoe region. They’re open from 8 AM until 6 PM every day except Wednesdays. Some of the rides that are located near their drop off points on the passes include Mr. Toad’s Wild […]

Corral Loop →  October 21, 2009

This highly-trafficked loop is reminiscent of a small-operation ski resort - there is something for all levels of downhill riders. One could easily spend the whole day shuttling this route, warming up on greens, careening down blues, and bombing blacks. Situated at a lower elevation than most South Lake Tahoe singletracks, Corral loop is one of the first mountain biking trails to open after snowmelt, creating a long riding season for this Meyers gem.

Hawley Grade →  October 11, 2009

When considering mountain biking in Oregon, one conjures up images of lush loam, towering trees, and steep, speedy single-tracks. Yet, after whizzing down South Lake Tahoe’s Hawley Grade, I no longer find any reason to road trip to Oregon, for this breathtaking trail covers all the aforementioned bases!

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