Biking in South Lake Tahoe

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride →  September 30, 2009

Mr. Toad’s single-track mountain biking trail follows a similar track as the Disney version, offering sudden turns and steep downhill sections before oncoming boulders, rock gardens, staircases, roots, logs, and sandy patches – except in the mountain biking rendition of Mr. Toad’s, the obstacles do not move out of the way at the last second! Be sure to carry spare tubes for this rock-littered, unforgiving, lunatic of a ride.

A Cyclist’s Guide to Mountain Passes In and Around South Lake Tahoe →  September 15, 2009

Cyclists from around the world venture to South Lake Tahoe to climb the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, also known as the California Alps. Cycling in Tahoe introduces a different perspective to the sport. I never thought I would endure, much less enjoy, climbing up a pass for hours on end, just to turn around and […]

South Lake Tahoe Bike Rentals →  August 21, 2009

There are dozens of trails to hit in Tahoe with your bike. If your visiting though and need to get your bike fixed, some new parts or rent one, then your set in south lake. One thing to remeber about Tahoe. People are passionate of the outdoors, and they’re is never a shortage of Bike […]

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