Fishing Laws and Regulations in South Lake Tahoe

August 21st, 200910:00 am by

Fishing season in Lake Tahoe is year round, although fishing is closed within 300 feet of tributaries and upstream October 1st to June 30th, besides that the entire lake is open for fishing year round. Your also not allowed to use live bait other than worms unless you acquired it from the Lake, we don’t want to disrupt the ecosystem of Lake Tahoe by introducing new fish. You can fish in Lake Tahoe with a California or Nevada license and it doesn’t matter what side of the Lake your on.

The daily limit for fishing in South Lake Tahoe is five game fish, but not more than two can be lake trouts (Mackinaw).

Licensing Requirements: California residents under 16 and nevada residents under 12 don’t need a fishing license. All other Residents need an 09 fishing license.
Nevada Fishing License
Resident 1-Day Group Fishing Permit
At least one member of the group must be a bona fide resident of Nevada pursuant to NRS 502.015.
“Group” means a group of persons consisting of at least one primary adult (18 years of age or older) and one child (12-15 years of age).
Resident Primary Adult for the group: $9.00
Each additional Resident Adult Fishing: $6.00
Each Resident Child (12-15 years old) Fishing: $5.00

Nonresident 1-Day Group Fishing Permit
Nonresident Primary Adult Fishing: $18.00
Each additional Nonresident Adult Fishing: $12.00
Each Nonresident Child (12-15) Fishing: $6.00

California Fishing License
One-day Sport Fishing License $13.40
Two-day Sport Fishing License $20.75
Ten-day Nonresident Sport Fishing License $41.20

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