Golf in South Lake Tahoe

Golf in South Lake Tahoe

We’ve all got one – that relative who couldn’t possibly breathe without a tee box, a fairway, a flag stick and a scorecard. Perhaps you are that relative – and we at say: do your thing golfer! As it is with the hiking trails, campgrounds, and biking trails, South Lake Tahoe has a course that is perfect for your game. Play your best round up in South Lake Tahoe, and cherish the experience! After all, the only thing better than telling your buddies about your 75 is telling them it happened in Tahoe! will constantly update golfers on new deals, green fees and specials for the courses in around South Lake Tahoe. We will also provide contact information to give you a chance to call your favorite course a couple days ahead of time and get that early tee off. Fore!

Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course →  September 16, 2009

There are a myriad of things that come to mind when one thinks of South Lake Tahoe. Among them, Emerald Bay, the casinos, the snow, the beauty of the region and the myriad of outdoor activities. However, there is one name that is synonymous with the rustic splendor that South Lake Tahoe presents to its […]

South Lake Tahoe Golf Courses →  August 21, 2009

Lake Tahoe Golf Course Just minutes from the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Golf Course is Tahoe’s best championships golf value. Located in a mountain meadow surrounded by the High Sierras, this spectacular 18 hole golf course will challenge golfers of all levels. For those of you looking to fine tune their game […]

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