Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course

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There are a myriad of things that come to mind when one thinks of South Lake Tahoe. Among them, Emerald Bay, the casinos, the snow, the beauty of the region and the myriad of outdoor activities. However, there is one name that is synonymous with the rustic splendor that South Lake Tahoe presents to its residents and visitors: Edgewood.Edgewood

Edgewood Golf Course’s website describes it at “arguably one of the most scenic golf courses in the world”. We’re not here to argue against that… we’re here to argue that it truly is one of the most scenic golf courses in the world. Set against a backdrop that man himself could not create, the 41 year old George Fazio designed course stretches along the shores of Lake Tahoe, channeling the majestic power of the waters into the layout of its championship caliber design.

Bryan Davis, Edgewood’s marketing manager, took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with SouthLakeTahoe.com about why Edgewood is what it is.

“It’s quite simply that we believe in having a wonderful product,” Davis said.

A wonderful project indeed. Edgewood is a multi-faceted mass producer of “happy”  (I hear it’s an exceptional feeling of elation and joy that we all could use every now and then). With golfing, fine dining, event hosting and an incredible value in wedding services (that’s right… imagine getting hitched at the one of the most beautiful resorts in the most beautiful place on Earth, ladies and gentlemen), the resort and club is undeniably earning its reputation.

Everything about Edgewood is designed to dazzle. And dazzle it does. With a property as well maintained as any on the PGA circuit, and a clubhouse that puts a welcome mat on everything you explore inside of it, there is nothing about Edgewood that can be considered a disadvantage.

Davis gave SouthLakeTahoe.com a chance to explore that which we bring to you here, from the facilities to the course itself – and in our careful scrutiny of every detail (there are no typos on the scorecards by the way, we checked) we discovered a simply exceptional product, exceptional level of hospitality, and a one of a kind course. In short: Edgewood is every golfer’s vacation dream course.

And why shouldn’t it be? Tiger Woods has graced the fairways and greens of Fazio’s dreamscape, the LPGA has asked Edgewood to host their events and it is the sole location for the American Century Championship, a charity celebrity golf invitational that has fans buzzing about it year round.

This last year, Rick Rhoden won the ACC title for the second time in a row, and could not help but speak highly of the course itself. Rick Rhoden people. Rick Rhoden.

And among Rhoden came the likes of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley (who, granted, isn’t much of a golfer, but knows his courses), Wayne Gretsky and others – all of whom during press interviews revered Edgewood as a top notch course.

It’s simple really: The course itself poses a medley of options for players. You have risk and reward situations on every hole, and hidden troubles and hazards riddled throughout the layout. Par 5’s that are reachable in two by power hitters are still protected well with natural foliage and sand traps – forcing them to rethink their driver-4-iron combo.

Brandon Anicich

Wind on the back nine forced our photographer to take a triple bogey on this hole. Weather on the back nine forced him to take this photo. He still denies the triple bogey. Photo by Brandon Anicich

The greens are lush, with subtle breaks falling to and away from every direction. It takes a careful eye to read such patterns, and the challenge is doubly as rewarding when the putts are falling.

The staff at Edgewood is warm and welcoming, giving you the impression that you are the only person they’ve been waiting to see all day. They are determined to make your experience the best possible experience you can have, and will always lend a helping hand, even if you are too shy to ask them for it. Working with a smile always, they provide you what you need, when you need it – and get you in a good mood immediately.

Let’s not forget the pro shop, restaurants and club house. With vaulted ceilings and rich textured wood highlighting the huge viewing windows on all sides of the complex, you could literally stand at any place inside and snap a photo, turn around and sell it under the moniker “Elegant Luxury: The Good Life”.

And what of the restaurants?

Edgewood Restaurant and Brooks’ Bar and Deck are the ideal place to spend an afternoon or evening. The views could only be matched on a cruise ship over Lake Tahoe, and the food is unequaled by anything under the sun. Golf Digest’s expert editing staff said it best when they named Brooks’ Bar and Deck as one of the “Best 19th Holes in America” for 2008. As far as we’re concerned – if Edgewood can keep Brooks’ as brilliant as it has been, then give it that title every single year.

Modeled after an alpine chateau, the Edgewood Restaurant marries the concepts of elegance and function, giving guests a surreal experience with dinner, while presenting them a multitude of menu options. The thinking behind this? Whatever food you were passionate about, Edgewood would like to rekindle that passion, with full flavored entrees and decadent desserts. The wine list is second to none in the Sierra’s, and the waiting staff is knowledgeable and friendly, happy to help you try something new or provide you with your signature staple nourishment.


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Imagine this: sunrise in the east over the Sierras as you prepare for your tee-time. You step foot onto the par 4 first hole, and just breathe. In the quiet light of morning, you’re prepared for a day that is all about you. After nine holes, your nerves are remarkably calm in the light of your double-bogey on the fifth. You should be upset – but every time you get stressed during your round you instinctively look to the sky for guidance, and realize you are in the most beautiful place on earth. Playing golf at the most beautiful course, in the most beautiful place on earth.

Whoosh. There go your worries.

And to cap it all off, drinks at Brooks’ and an incredible meal at Edgewood Restaurant? What more could one ask for?

One more round tonight, and one more round tomorrow?