As its name suggests, the City of South Lake Tahoe is situated at the southern region of the beautiful and famous Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is a very large lake. In fact, it is the largest alpine lake in North America. It is so large that it part of it occupies both the State of California and the State of Nevada. It is here in the American State of California, within the El Dorado County, that the historic site of South Lake Tahoe can be found.

Even before settlers and adventurers first stepped foot on the New World as they call it, there were already many tribe of Indian Americans which knew of the existence and whereabouts of the pristine Lake Tahoe. It was said that there were around 3-5 tribes of Washoe Indians who continually visited Lake Tahoe, believing the place was home to many powerful spirits of nature. Many of these Indian tribes also lived around the surrounding areas of Lake Tahoe, benefiting from the peaceful atmosphere and bountiful fruits of nature.

However, the Washoe tribes would eventually not be the only ones to know of the existence of this magnificent natural treasure. On the year 1844, two explorers named Kit Carson and Lieutenant John C. Fremont, along with their Indian native guide, first got a glimpse of the perfect blue waters of Lake Tahoe atop the Red Lake Peak.

Not long after the discovery made by these two explorers, many people, especially explorers and entrepreneurs, started coming to Lake Tahoe. Thus, a few simple inns and lodges were constructed along the near perimeters of the Lake to offer accommodations for the fast growing number of visitors.

But on 1859, a big discovery was made in the form of Comstock Lode. It was discovered that this area which in now part of Virginia City in Nevada, was a rich silver deposit. Thus, a silver rush of sorts soon came to be. Hundreds of prospectors and luck-seekers rushed to the area in the hopes of making their fortune within the mines of Comstock Lode. This discovery made in nearby Comstock Lode greatly affected the course that Lake Tahoe’s history is to take.

Most of the people headed for the mines passed through Lake Tahoe. Thus, this area once home to several indigenous tribes who live harmoniously with the many species of fauna and flora, was soon over run by the construction of more lodging spaces, trail tracks, railway stations, roads, and many other enterprises. Later on, towns and cities such as the City of South Lake Tahoe grew along the border of the largest lake in the US.

Not only that, but these feverish constructions brought about by the silver rush in neighboring Comstock Lode lead to deforestation of the pine forests surrounding Lake Tahoe. In order to be able to build hotels and later on casinos, as well as to make huge amounts of profit, the proud standing pine trees around Lake Tahoe were harvested. Bustling communities, towns, and later on cities would soon develop along the banks of Lake Tahoe but the price the decline in forested areas along Lake Tahoe.

At present, the City of South Lake Tahoe as well as other communities surrounding this national treasure called Lake Tahoe are taking steps to remedy the damages brought about in the past so that future generations can have a chance to see and enjoy the wonders of Lake Tahoe.

→  November 23, 2017

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