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“Their names are on the waters and the land, and we may not wash them off.” – Statement of an early Tahoe settler.

The area known as Lake Tahoe was originally discovered by western civilization during the winter of 1844. An exploration party led by John C. Fremont came across this vast expanse of natural beauty in their push west to discover the mythical “Buenaventura River” an imaginary current that was speculated to run from the Sierra Nevada Mountains out into the Gulf of Mexico or the San Francisco Bay.

Due to monumental hardships and the morale boost Fremont and his men received from discovering such a sight, the party pushed west in a hurry to get into what is now the Sac-Joaquin Valley and neglected to give the area any moniker at all.

By 1853, the lake’s exact location was established to a certain point that allowed the brand new State of California’s official mapmaker to name it “Lake Bigler” in tribute to the state’s third governor, John Bigler.

The name didn’t stick, and for years the debate over what to name this beautiful place became a hot topic for geographers and mapmakers across the West.

After a gigantic list of potential names that were tried out and failed, the California Legislature reinstated the name “Tahoe” for the area, and permanently established the area as “Lake Tahoe, California.”

Lake Tahoe’s previous names:
Fremont’s Lake
Lake Bonpland
Mountain Lake
Sierra Lake
Lake Bigler
Tulia Tulia
Truckee Lake
Largo Bergler (The Lake of Beer)

Highway 50 Closed at Echo Summit [Update: Re-Opened!] →  May 10, 2011

Highway 50 will be closed for approximately two weeks beginning Wednesday, May 11th. Caltrans will be replacing the old rock wall overlooking South Lake Tahoe with a modern barrier meeting today’s safety standards. For approximately six weeks after the closure, traffic will be down to one-lane Monday through noon on Fridays. Highway 50 will be […]

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Whether you are coming to South Lake Tahoe for hiking, swimming, gambling, skiing or snowboarding, the first and most important issue is to make the trip fun and enjoyable. You can travel by air, train, bus or car to South Lake Tahoe. Regardless of what part of the globe you are traveling from there are many options to choose to make the trip to this pristine wilderness as memorable as the stay.

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South Lake Tahoe, a city found at the immediate south of beautiful and world famous Lake Tahoe, is one of those popular tourist destinations that vacationers love to go to whether it be winter or summer. From water sports of all sorts in the summer to snow sports in the winter, South Lake Tahoe is […]

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