Recreation in South Lake Tahoe

D.L. Bliss State Park →  October 3, 2009

D.L. Bliss State Park is a natural masterpiece. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Tahoe, the park stretches northwest up into the Sierra Nevadas with awe-inspiring promontories and vistas, an outstanding number of streams, trails, rivers, tributaries and campgrounds ideal for family recreation. From Rubicon Point and other high altitude vista points you can even see over 100 feet straight down into the depths of Lake Tahoe's sapphire blue waters. It truly is something else, and an incredible place to visit during the warmer months.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride →  September 30, 2009

Mr. Toad’s single-track mountain biking trail follows a similar track as the Disney version, offering sudden turns and steep downhill sections before oncoming boulders, rock gardens, staircases, roots, logs, and sandy patches – except in the mountain biking rendition of Mr. Toad’s, the obstacles do not move out of the way at the last second! Be sure to carry spare tubes for this rock-littered, unforgiving, lunatic of a ride.

Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course →  September 16, 2009

There are a myriad of things that come to mind when one thinks of South Lake Tahoe. Among them, Emerald Bay, the casinos, the snow, the beauty of the region and the myriad of outdoor activities. However, there is one name that is synonymous with the rustic splendor that South Lake Tahoe presents to its […]

A Cyclist’s Guide to Mountain Passes In and Around South Lake Tahoe →  September 15, 2009

Cyclists from around the world venture to South Lake Tahoe to climb the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, also known as the California Alps. Cycling in Tahoe introduces a different perspective to the sport. I never thought I would endure, much less enjoy, climbing up a pass for hours on end, just to turn around and […]

South Lake Tahoe Kayak Rentals →  August 21, 2009

Kayaking is a definite workout, but like most outdoor activities in South Lake Tahoe, it’s so fun! Kayaking is something you can do for just about anything. Just vacationing in Tahoe with the family or looking for some outdoor romance with your lover, Tahoe Kayaking is a great fit for any occasion. Kayaking in Tahoe […]

South Lake Tahoe Golf Courses →  August 21, 2009

Lake Tahoe Golf Course Just minutes from the South Shore of Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Golf Course is Tahoe’s best championships golf value. Located in a mountain meadow surrounded by the High Sierras, this spectacular 18 hole golf course will challenge golfers of all levels. For those of you looking to fine tune their game […]

Zephyr Cove Disc Golf Course →  August 21, 2009

Zephyr Cove has a gem of a disc golf course hidden just east of Nevada Beach. Nestled atop the Zephyr Cove Community Park and maintained by the Douglas County Parks and Recreation Department, Zephyr Cove has earned its title as a local favorite and a true tourist attraction in the South Lake Tahoe area. Sporting […]

Kirkwood Disc Golf Course →  August 21, 2009

Ten years ago, Kirkwood introduced Disc Wood to the world. Now, a mere decade later, the course has undergone some incredible improvements and is a testament to the raw beauty and challenge of playing disc golf in the South Lake Tahoe area. With elevation changes prominent with just about every hole, and tee boxes that […]

South Lake Tahoe Bike Rentals →  August 21, 2009

There are dozens of trails to hit in Tahoe with your bike. If your visiting though and need to get your bike fixed, some new parts or rent one, then your set in south lake. One thing to remeber about Tahoe. People are passionate of the outdoors, and they’re is never a shortage of Bike […]

Sawmill Pond →  August 21, 2009

This bring your own gear fishing hole welcomes kids 14 and under. It’s a great spot for kids and it’s free. Flip to the end of the photo gallery above to see posted fishing regulations and other signage at the pond.

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