Nik-N-Willies Pizza

August 21st, 200910:00 am by

Some of the best take-n-bake pizza in Lake Tahoe. All fresh ingredients including homemade pizza sauce and pizza dough made daily. The toppings are piled high and the crust is absolutely delicious.
Take-n-bake pizza from Nik-n-Willies is very convenient. You don’t need a pizza baking pan, Nik-n-Willies pizzas rest upon an ovenproof baking sheet. Fresh salads and yummy garlic bread round out the meal. Add some beer and you’ve got a party.
Don’t feel like turning on the oven? Let them know and they’ll bake the pizza for you and your specially prepared and cooked pizza will be ready and waiting for you when you stop by.
Nik-N-Willies Pizza
1115 Emerald Bay Rd
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150