The Energy Drink Outlet

September 16th, 200912:40 pm by

Ryan Payne and Jason Gomes are South Lake Tahoe residents running the world’s first and only Energy Drink Outlet. Recently, the Payne-Gomes tag team gave a knock out punch to the energy drink industry, Tahoe Blue Energyputting Lake Tahoe on the international energy drink atlas with Tahoe Blue Energy. In less than two weeks time, Tahoe Blue Energy was picked up by over 30 local merchants, and has been ordered at various locations as far as the Bay Area and Mammoth Mountain. Better yet, $2 of every case sold is donated to charitable causes around Lake Tahoe. Internationally known, and locally loyal: The Energy Drink Outlet.

2717 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Have you ever had a moment in your life, discovering a solution presented to fill a need, that made you wonder “Man, why didn’t I think of that?”

I present to you, the Energy Drink Outlet. The world’s first and only discount retailer of energy drinks, featuring just about every kind of energy drink on the market. I also present to you, such an Outlet’s location: South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Located right on Lake Tahoe Boulevard, the Energy Drink Outlet occupies humble dwellings right in the heart of this city, with a booming international export operation behind its thin walls.

The Outlet, as many choose to call it, is the brainchild of local resident Ryan Payne, and the blood sweat and tears of Payne and business partner Jason Gomes. Payne, a Culinary Institute of America certified professional chef by trade, saw the opportunity to fulfill a need in the energy drink consumer market, and went to work bringing the concept to fruition.

“Working in the restaurant industry,” says Payne, “I would have a staff working for me, and I would always see my workers coming in with energy drinks. Some of them would bring in two or three with them, and at $3-$5 a pop, it’s a little steep to pay that much for energy on an hourly wage.”

Payne’s mental gears turning, he began to envision a way that his workers could get energy drinks at a cheaper price – a more reasonable price. The idea culminated into a solution when Payne, after much due diligence in research, decided that an “outlet” for energy drinks could be an incredible business opportunity.

Fear was never an issue with Payne, and with the help of his family and friends, he initiated ground work for what would be the world’s first energy drink outlet.

“It started out with a lot of research,” says Payne. “Just seeing if there was a market for an idea like this – and when there seemed to be a good chance to grow into this need, it was sort of like ‘Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!'”

And with it, came the expertise of Mr. Gomes, a good friend and advice-giver to Payne. A master craftsman in the woodworking industy, Gomes brought a level-headed and benevolent demeanor to the realized vision.

Down Home Roots

Down Home Roots: At the beginning, this van was The Energy Drink Outlet. It used to seat two. Now The Energy Drink Outlet serves millions worldwide.

“I was working in the woodworking industry, and figured that was what I was going to be doing for my living,” says Gomes, “but I was talking with Ryan on the phone and he was telling me ‘Dude, you’ve got to go in on this with me! This is a great idea for a business, and people are really getting into this…’ and almost *chuckles* demanding that I do this with him. So I looked at the opportunity and decided that it really is a great way to go, and got on board as business partner.”

Today both men run the shop, coordinating their schedules around the Energy Drink Outlet. It is owner-operated as the two take care of all aspects of the Energy Drink Outlet, from website upkeep, fulfilling orders and purchases, greeting customers and stocking the shop. Everything with an Energy Drink Outlet logo on it is something a consumer can be positive was crafted personally by the hands of (as we here at like to call them) “the Trey Stone and Matt Parker of energy drinks.

Just as creative as the South Park creators – Ryan and Jason are clever masterminds of energy drinks. They sample each and every type of product they sell, making them connoisseurs of their craft. That creativity and knowledge led to the creation of Tahoe Blue Energy: Tahoe’s very own energy drink.

That’s right people. We got us some drank! But not just sugar and caffeine – Tahoe Blue Energy boasts a mere 125mg of caffeine (less than a cup of coffee – take that Starbucks) and levels of taurine and other various natural energy supplements are competitive with the leading market brands.

It Comes in Shots?

Tahoe Blue Energy is made with everyone in mind. "Mild for the masses, if you will," says Payne. The berry flavor doesn't overpower, and there's just the right amount of flavor and energy in each bottle of Tahoe Blue Energy. Hey... Payne's a chef people... he knows his ingredient balance!

Tahoe Blue Energy comes in a shot form, contained in a small heavy duty plastic bottle – so as not to break during hiking, biking, kayaking, river rafting, climbing, snowboarding, sledding and every other thing we do up here in Lake Tahoe.

“The idea for Tahoe Blue Energy actually came about just before we were building our shop,” Payne says. “It was actually my first brainchild.We were thinking about ways to transition ourselves into the energy drink industry. It was one of those ‘Hey! Maybe we can have a Tahoe energy drink!’ and we’d shoot ideas around for it, but when we got into the initial logistics of it at the time, it just wasn’t good so we had to throw it on the back burner until now.”

After making a huge splash in the international market, Payne and Gomes finally had the right amount of resources to allocate for Tahoe Blue Energy to emerge. After an abhorrent amount of research, tasting, research, tasting, research and… well you get the idea… Tahoe Blue Energy was ready to meet the world!

The Energy Drink Outlet’s Tahoe Blue Energy currently stocks a berry flavored shot as its only flavor – but the taste of it is not even half of the good things about it. For every case the Energy Drink Outlet sells of Tahoe Blue Energy, $2 dollars is donated to local charities and causes in need of aid in the community of South Lake Tahoe. Payne attributes the benevolence to the simple principle of gratitude.

“The whole reason we want to do that ($2 donations) is simply because we want to give back,” says Payne. “We want to give back because this community has given so much to us. I mean, the city of South Lake Tahoe helped me buy my house up here, through a sub buyer’s program. The city gave me business advice when I was starting out, and it’s really just out of wanting to give back for all that this city has given me.

“It’s also to raise awareness about local causes here that really need assistance and aid. We live in a beautiful, incredible place that is sort of a fragile environment, and we need to protect it.”

For more information about the Energy Drink Outlet, or to inquire about local causes in our area, please visit