South Shore Fitted

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South Shore Fitted
1000 Herbert St. Unit A
South Lake Tahoe, CA

*Authorized New Era Dealer

It is an amalgamation of every great experience you’ve ever had shopping. A warm welcome, an inviting location, a knowledgeable guide, and (most of all) a haven for “just the thing” you’ve been searching for.

It is South Shore Fitted, South Lake Tahoe’s premiere specialty shop, harvesting the most exclusive selection of custom headwear, footwear, streetwear and outerwear; and delivering the goods in all the right ways.

Sleek and simple in layout, the store welcomes guests and regulars alike with a straightforward presentation of all it has to offer, and boasts a selection that can only be described as “best-of-the-best” in its flavor and style.

If you’re local, you will have already heard of the amazing things South Shore Fitted has done for customers, skaters and the community; and if you’re a visiting wayward traveler, we implore you to check it out during your stay here. The styles are on the cutting edge of streetwear design and technology, the inventory is constantly rotating and evolving, and there is something new each day, be it in the shop or on the web at

There is a brilliant mind behind the evolution of South Shore Fitted, that of owner Jacob Magpiong, whose personality emanates throughout the shop as a conductor’s vision through his symphony.

“Growing up in the Bay Area, I just loved being around the shops and I’ve wanted to, since a young age, own a shop of my own,” Magpiong says. “When I was younger, you know around 20-21 years old, I drew up a business plan and had the entire plan mapped out and ready to go, but that didn’t happen – at the time the funding fell through – but I was always thinking about it, always wanted to open up a shop.”

Magpiong’s journey into birthing South Shore Fitted found him in South Lake Tahoe, working at a shop located up Kingsbury Grade, where he was employed managing a board shop and mastering all he would need to know to start his own business.

“I essentially found myself thinking, ‘Well hold on, I’m basically running this shop right now for ten dollars an hour,'” says Jacob. “I felt like: I’m ready. I want to do this. I’m going to do this.'”

Magpiong went to work, researching and gathering funding. He looked at what South Lake Tahoe was missing, and what the community needed, and decided that a specialty shop such as South Shore Fitted would be a solution beneficial to everyone. He brought his plan to his girlfriend and now co-owner Kelly Mallek, who moved up to South Lake from the Bay Area very shortly after Jacob relocated.

“Before Jacob told me about the details of his plan to start the shop, I truly had no experience in the industry, and knew nothing about the business,” Mallek said. “But when he laid out the concept and the plan, I felt that it was an incredible opportunity, so the day the shop opened I just went to work and learned things as I went.”

South Shore Fitted was introduced to the public during Memorial Day Weekend in 2008, and the community response was incredible. Today Magpiong operates as the General Manager while Mallek holds down the responsibilities of Retail Manager. South Shore Fitted jumped right into the community of South Lake Tahoe and has been spreading benevolence ever since. The store hosted its first rail jam late last year, and sponsors local riders and skaters, supporting them in their passions and endeavors with anything it can provide.

Magpiong and Mallek are proud members of the community themselves, attending as many local events as possible, supporting local artists by carrying their artwork in the store, and truly being all the things that an great local shop should be.

“We go out and get involved in a lot of different ways, as much as we can,” Magpiong says. “If there’s a way we can help out, we try and do that as often as possible. We want people to be comfortable and happy coming in here, and we want to provide them with the merchandise that they would otherwise have a hard time to find. We enjoy having rare custom hats, shoes and apparel in here, it’s something very unique to the shop, and I love to be able to do that for people.”

Step into the shop sometime, and just have a chat with Jacob and Kelly. You’ll immediately be able to converse with what may arguably be the friendliest couple running a business in Tahoe. The shop will have something for you in there, be it flip flops (incredible selection in mens and womens styles) or a world-famous South Shore Fitted custom New Era hat (Jacob has designed a custom Oakland Athletics cap and San Francisco Giants hat for New Era, and is expanding his portfolio with new designs as you read this). If there’s something that no one has had in stock, talk to Mallek or Magpiong. They can be your valued connection into the realm of rare designs and can get it for you. No matter what it is you’re looking for, South Shore Fitted exists to help you get it. Such was the concept that spawned South Shore Fitted, and the fastest growing specialty apparel shop on the Lake will be here to assist you for years to come.