Weddings in South Lake Tahoe

Planning a wedding? Let beautiful South Lake Tahoe be the backdrop for your special day. South Lake Tahoe complements your perfect day with soaring mountain vistas, majestic evergreens, and crystal blue waters making this picturesque landscape a wonderful destination for all your wedding needs.

Just by being close to beautiful Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe has proven itself to be one of the best places to have a relaxing vacation in America. In fact, it is one of America’s favorite getaways when things become really stressful. And because the place is beautiful with an atmosphere that is both dynamic and calming, it is not at all surprising that is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite local wedding and honeymoon destination. As we speak, there are more and more planned weddings and honeymoons in South Lake Tahoe. Whether you want a beautiful summer honeymoon by Lake Tahoe or a winter wonderland wedding on the mountain, you are promised a spectacular time in places that could have come out of fairytales.

South Lake Tahoe offers everything you need in order to prepare for your special day. You can find everything you need for the perfect wedding and honeymoon in South Lake Tahoe – accommodations, catering, venues, coordinators, florists, entertainment, transportation, media and even beauty services (such as tuxedo/dress rentals and hair dressers/makeup artists) are there, eager to help you create a magical, wonderful experience not only for you and the love of your life, but also for your guests. It is, of course, advised that you keep in constant contact with your wedding planner, and make sure that he or she is legitimate, but that is a very rare problem to be had when talking about events coordination in South Lake Tahoe. Looking at the whole picture, you will find a place that is dedicated to giving you some of the most romantic memories you could hope to have in a lifetime.

A wonderful thing about having a wedding in South Lake Tahoe is the fact that you can have non-denominational weddings, if you so choose. Ministers such as Reverend Lucie King, for example, boasts of personalized wedding themes for her clients, and helps each couple create beautiful moments that symbolize a couple’s commitment to one another. If you’re more into traditional weddings, that’s okay too – but know that you can add a whimsical twist to your ceremony. For example, you can hire a private horse and carriage to take you from the chapel or church to the reception area.

As for the honeymoon, couples could celebrate their union privately in some of the best bed and breakfasts in America such as charming Black Bear Inn. If they’re into more active vacations, then they could most definitely have fun spending the first days of wedded bliss skiing or snowboarding down the slopes of Heavenly Ski Resort. Or, if they want a combination of tranquility and excitement, they can hang at the Tahoe Beach and Ski Club, which is right by the lake’s edge and very close to South Lake Tahoe’s big-time casinos.

No matter which way you look at it, weddings and honeymoons in South Lake Tahoe will be special and memorable. It’s a wonderful, beautiful place to start a life together.

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